Pak Mei, Bak Mei, Bai Mei

Pak Mei Kung Fu

Benefits of Pak Mei
  • No fancy or dancing moves
  • Simple and straight forward the most direct form of Kung Fu
  • Specialise in “Ging” is the force beyond physical power
  • Attack and defence is all based from the animals
  • Specialise in Phoenix punch – Pressure point punching
  • Easy to learn regardless of age and sex
  • Pak Mei was also designed to counter attack and defence of your opponents
  • Centerline Kung Fu
  • Internal health benefits
  • Relieves stress and relaxes the mind
  • Improves balance
Specialising in Pak Mei
  • Achieve results immediately in one attacking move
  • Solid stance and posture
  • Triangle stances – front fighting stances
  • Invisible animal styles
  • We use body structure and breathing technique to create the power e.g. karate use mind concentration
Animal techniques
  • Eagle Claw
  • Tiger claw
  • Phoenix punch
  • Snake eyes
Animal posture
  • Tiger back
  • Leopard head
  • Monkey chest
  • Eagle eyes
  • Dragon hips
  • Movement
    • Move like a dragon
    • Walk like a tiger

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